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3PP Wrist Wrap NP - black

3PP Wrist Wrap NP - black

3PP Wrist Wrap NP - black

The 3pp Wrist Wrap NP is a comfortable, adjustable wrap that provides compression to reduce pain from wrist sprains, tendinitis, overuse conditions, instability or arthritis.

  • The 3pp Wrist Wrap NP works by supporting the muscles and tendons to relieve pain and apply flexible support.
  • This wrap is fully adjustable so the wearer determines how much support to apply.
  • Lined in soft, breathable foam, this wrap will not roll or slip making it ideal for use in sports or gym activities.
  • A removable stay is included to apply extra support wherever it’s needed.
  • Two sizes. Fits right or left.
  • Machine washable. Latex free.
  • Moderate Control. Add the stay for Moderate + Control.

Sizing Information
Measure around the wrist to size. Fits right and left.

16-19 cm or 6,25"-7,5"
19-22 cm or 7,5"-8,5"

€ 24.95

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