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- Oval-8 Splints

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What is the best way to choose the correct Oval-8 size?

The best way to size for an Oval-8® splint is by using the splints themselves. The difference from one size to the next is very subtle and with two different sizes designed into every splint, precise sizing is necessary for treatment to be successful.
Using an Oval-8 Sizing Set or the Oval-8 Kit, a health care provider (HCP) or medical equipment supplier (MES) is assured of getting a correct fit. 3-Point has a program that makes it easy for any HCP or MES to obtain a Sizing Set.

If I can't find someone who has a Sizing Set, what other ways can I determine what size Oval-8 I need?

The Oval-8 Sizing Guide will help you choose the size splint most likely to fit your finger. Using this guide you can determine a range of sizes certain to provide an optimal fit no matter the condition of your finger. The simple-to-use Sizing Guide includes step-by-step directions and an easy-to-use sizing chart.
Jewelers Ring Sizer Oval-8 splint sizes do correspond to jeweler’s ring sizes but they are not an exact match. Consumers can go to a jeweler to have their finger sized. Unlike a ring that goes all the way around the finger, the Oval-8 is an open circle and sizing is likely to vary just enough so that the splint is either too snug or not snug enough to be effective. The sizer should be fit directly on the affected joint and a snug fit is recommended.

I had an Oval-8 Finger Splint and sometimes it fit just right and sometimes it was too loose or too tight. Why is that?

If your fingers are slightly swollen in the morning, the splints might be too tight to wear when you awaken. Try the splint on after a few hours. If your hands get cold, your fingers may actually be smaller than usual and the splints can be too big.
Each Oval-8 is designed to fit both a full size and a size and a half to accommodate slight changes in swelling and temperature. First make certain you put the correct end on first to meet your sizing need. You may need to purchase more than one size Oval-8 so you always have the size that fits just right depending on your condition.

Does an Oval-8 Finger Splint need to be taped on?

If the Oval-8 is fit correctly, generally no tape or straps are needed. You may consider using a self-adherent wrap such as Co-Wrap or Coban if wearing Oval-8 splints during athletics or during activities such as gardening or cleaning when the splints might be likely to get wet and slip off.

Can Oval-8 Finger Splints be adjusted?

Yes, Oval-8 splints can be adjusted with a high temperature heat gun to change the angle or length of the splint. The splints are made of an injection molded plastic (they are latex-free) and this is not something that can be done with a hairdryer. Adjusting Oval-8 splints for a custom fit should be done by your health care provider or medical equipment supplier.

Does the product contain latex?

No, none of our products contain latex.