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> Choosing a Splint

Choosing a Splint

Click here for the Oval-8 Sizing Guide to determine your size.

From soft fabric supports to molded splints, 3-Point Products provides carefully designed supports and splints to help manage pain from Arthritis, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, overuse tendinitis, Hammertoes, Bunions and more. See our Conditions page to learn about these and other conditions.

To help you decide which of our splints to choose, we have labeled them according to the degree of control or support they provide. In some cases, you may decide on two splints, one for rest at night while you sleep and a light control splint for daytime use that supports while allowing function.

Splints designed to apply a corrective force have variable levels of support depending on how they are worn and how long they are worn. For that reason, some of the splints on this page are not identified with a designated level of support.
Because we care that you are properly fitted and get the splint that best works for your condition, we strongly recommend that you discuss the splints you find here with your health care provider. Splints, like medications, are helpful only if they are properly prescribed and worn as directed.

Light/Light Plus+
Light control splints support through light compression and contoured designs to protect the joints. Ideal for daytime wear at work and at home and for use in leisure time activities. Light support splints support while still allowing motion and function.

Stays and pads may be added to increase the support or resistance to motion to create a Light Plus+ support.

Moderate/Moderate Plus+
Moderate control splints provide greater support and resistance to movement by employing materials with less stretch and more resilient fabrics. Ideal when a splint is likely to be worn throughout the day during a variety of activities. Choose splints with moderate control when joints need to be protected and muscles and ligaments rested but not fully immobilized.

Stays and pads may be added to increase the support or resistance to motion to create a Moderate Plus+ support.

Firm/Firm Plus+
When full rest is required to quiet pain from injury or severe pain due to overuse or arthritis, choose splints in the firm range. Firm splints are designed to allow joints and tissues to rest and heal by limiting or stopping motion. Ideal following injury or surgery or when a condition has flared up and the pain prevents function.

Choose longer styles that support more joints and add pads or stays as needed for Firm Plus+ support.