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Home     3PP ThumSling Long - grey
3PP ThumSling Long - grey

3PP ThumSling Long - grey

3PP ThumSling Long - grey

The 3pp ThumSling Long is a lightweight, foam-lined splint that provides light support for both the wrist and thumb to reduce pain caused by thumb arthritis, ligament sprains, or tendinitis. The ThumSling Long provides adjustable compression and support without restricting motion.

  • Support the CMC joint (base joint) of the thumb and wrist with an adjustable wrap-around strap. Relieves pain and discomfort from thumb arthritis, tendinitis or overuse injuries.
  • Recommended for those with pain primarily during activity, the 3pp ThumSling Long is not bulky or hot and is easy to wear at work and during leisure activities.
  • Soft foam lining is comfortable against the skin and helps keep the splint in place.
  • Apply the detachable stay (included) wherever it`s needed for additional support.
  • Hand or machine washable. Latex free.
  • Light/Light + Support

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